• I have a suggestion to add hathor network to demex exchange and make a active collaboration in making defi protocol come true to both teams !

    Switcheo team and hathor team both have been working more than 3 yrs in crypto ecosystem .
    Hathor has a healthy network with active devs and real world practical usage via woo commerce platform and many other e-commerce portal . Also many projects are building on top of hathor network , so it's a active ecosystem .

    They haven't had a full fledged defi platform running on its ecosystem , so I had conveyed to the Dev's about switcheo experience in building zil bridge and it's defi protocol . They are eager to develop further on defi space . So if team is willing I could further intimate the Dev's to talk with us regarding partnership !

    It's a win-win situation for both project !

    Need your views guys !!

  • @newton I think it's a great idea for the team to colab with other worthy projects.

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