[TIP-15] V1.19.0 Software Upgrade Proposal

  • The v1.19.0 software upgrade for Switcheo TradeHub contains the following changes:


    • Add lot_size and tick_size attributes to UpdateMarketProposal and UpdateMarketMsg
    • AddOrder and UpdateLeverage now uses a new margin allocation procedure
      • Whenever an order is added or leverage adjusted, margins for all orders on the same address and market will be fully reallocated, cancelling orders in reverse match priority order, if there is insufficient available margin

    API Node Changes

    • Improve performance of GET msg_types query.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix an issue where ADL priority is incorrect, and inappropriate orders are deleveraged
    • Fix an issue where liquidation engine tries to do updates even when there is no need for any changes

    V1.19.0 Binary Checksum: sha256:6dca354446905ff641010a27d17b57d17511ea521fc3558058c88b18b23e3331
    V1.19.0 Binary Download: Link

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