List of tokens in 2 weeks

  • Demex has tokens in their Token tab that I’m seeking to start the process of making active on Demex. These tokens would be paired with USDC. There are 47 ERC20 tokens listed on Token tab that I was thinking of proposing to list 6 per week through governance. The first round I was seeking to list are:

    1. Link/USDC
    2. OKB/USDC
    3. AAVE/USDC
    4. COMP/USDC
    5. BAT/USDC
    6. SAND/USDC

    I have a sorted list for the other tokens for each week.

    don't hesitate to share your opinion about what you Want to list"

    Thank you for your time.

  • These are a good start. I'd also like to suggest adding bep-20 1inch/BUSD and erc-20 1INCH/USDC pairs next week if possible, since we've got 2 people willing to fund proposals and initial LP's.

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