Discussion of possible new tokens to list on Demex and how/why they will bring more liquidity

  • Note

    I see this discussion as a brain storming for what to do after the topic Additional Markets and Pool Weight Adjustments has been executed. As that proposal works with the tokens already existing on Demex.


    To make Demex more attractive it would be good to have more high quality tokens and trading pairs. I have seen some names thrown around in the various Telegram channels and thought it might be a good idea to have a structured discussion here. Also I would like to keep liquidity in mind as 100 trading pairs with nearly zero liquidity will not help.

    About me

    I am in crypto since after the bull run of 2017 and I also was affected by the demise and final exit scam of the exchange coss io (it is now just a scam, do not visit their website!), where I lost all the money I put in. This exchange was a CEX which gave the holders of their token 50% of the trading fees. It struggled with liquidity more or less constantly and then merged with another project and then was sold and all users lost access to their wallets on the exchange (not your keys...).
    A big take away from that experience is that I am very focused on liquidity. Which is why I appreciate all inputs of bot traders and arbitragers as we need a base liquidity for people being able to trade. Of course I appreciate all other inputs as well 🙂

    Proposed Tokens

    • AVA: I picked this token as it was suggested quite a lot in the last week in the Switcheo Telegram groups and also because I would be personally interested in buying it on Demex and also getting some staking rewards in AVA. If it will listed I will be able to put 200€ in a liquidity pool for it.

    Proposed Markets

    • AVA/BUSD: There are already some BUSD markets on Demex. So I think it might good to have AVA paired with BUSD, too, to make BUSD more attractive on Demex. We could also pair it with BNB, which has only one other market currently, but we should first add one market and provide good liquidity for it.

    So please reply with the tokens and markets you would like to see on Demex and what benefits they would bring. As an added bonus, it would be nice if you could say if you could contribute to the liquidity of the token/market you propose.


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