Discussion for proposal to resolve late SWH to SWTH swap claims

  • @itscryptojc It's an interesting idea. Unfortunately, we don't have swthold tokens to give out.

  • Its an amazing plan @kang a very detailed one and really brings the community together and diminishes the FUD. Really a plan where there is nothing to loose and gives the ones left behind a chance to catch up. I would love to stake my tokens and love to gain the amazing APY this project offers. Thank you again and my appeal to validators to vote for it and thereby make the community stronger , better and inclusive..

  • Please vote at https://switcheo.org/governance/proposal/36?net=main

    Hi all, this is about resolving the late SWH to SWTH swap claims. This is a text-only proposal that seeks to get community approval to start the final boarding call.

    In summary, this proposal seeks to airdrop swh holders who have missed the swap, and reached out to us. The airdrop will be in 6 equal batches over 6 months.

    The rationale and process are explained here: https://forum.switcheo.foundation/topic/66/discussion-for-proposal-to-resolve-late-swh-to-swth-swap-claims/

    The spreadsheet of addresses is here: <please see latest>

    Current SWH being claimed: Approximately 3.5m

    If this proposal is passed, there will be a 14-day final boarding call for all who have not submitted their neo address to do so. The deadline is exactly 14 days after this proposal has been passed.

    A follow-up proposal will then be made, with the exact number of tokens to request for distribution from the SDF.

    If you are a SWH holder, you need to make sure you are on the list. We will update the list whenever we have new entries.

    If you are not on the list please submit here : <closed>

  • Proposal has passed with 86.440% support!
    The end datetime is 2021-03-25 22:10:07. As such, the deadline for closing submissions will be 2021-04-08 22:10:07 SGT (GMT+8)
    Thank you all.

  • Last day! After the form closes, we will need to check the addresses thoroughly and tally the amounts. The final proposal will be posted when we have checked all. Estimated to take a few days.

  • Final proposal submitted ! Please vote at

  • Final proposal passed! Thank you all for your support.

  • Tranche 1 has been sent! Please check your respective wallets.

  • Hello there, i just missed the swap window again 😞 I know its my fault but is there any chance u could do the swap of my swh coins too? Its not much but still 4000 swh would be greaty missed 😞 my address where i keep swh is "AJDEN6sZe5bsMRm5C9J6e6uCJ4GFwwpjHY" Thank you for the reply

  • @Juanito - Hi, Unfortunately, the proposal claimed from the SDF the exact number of tokens required to fulfil the unswapped users claims, so there are no additional tokens to distribute. As we have told others, if you can rally others who haven't claimed the procedure can be repeated, so long as somebody is prepared to do the legwork to make it happen via a proposal etc.

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