[TIP-11] V1.15.0 Software Upgrade Proposal

  • The v1.15.0 software upgrade for Switcheo TradeHub will enable withdrawals of the native SWTH token to Binance Smart Chain (bsc).

    The upgrade also contains the following improvements and bugfixes:


    • Add bsc fee payer and external event tracking services
    • Add state queries for locked user balances
    • Use gasnow.org for estimating gas prices in fee service

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix panic in SetCommitmentCurve message.
    • Fix possible panic in websocket service for some invalid parameters
    • Fix get_market_stats REST endpoint giving wrong result

    V1.15.0 Binary Checksum: sha256:6c0adfe99481b03465aae04fca59e51d9b67d70aa09d6dcc470c8f5dc5db5d4e

    V1.15.0 Binary Download: Link

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