Solana bridge to Switcheo TradeHub - suggest that this be somewhat of a priority

  • I am posting this to get some feedback from the team regarding relative interest in building a bridge to Solana. I think it would be a good idea to work on this after the current priorities (Zilliqa integration, Stargate upgrade) are completed.

    If Solana can deliver performance according to its design specs, then I think it will be a serious contender for new and existing projects to consider when evaluating ecosystems and protocols. TradeHub is currently connected to the top 2 - ethereum and BSC, and will soon add Cosmos via Stargate.

    I think it is worth considering adding promising ecosystems before others in order to get ourselves in front of those communities as early as possible. Additionally, Solana and FTX have really risen in visibility recently, and the head of their project is really doing an outstanding job with marketing and brand awareness.

    I'd love to see Switcheo TradeHub interconnected with Solana for access as well as the opportunity to directly make TradeHub available to that community. I'd love to be able to have our tech go head-to-head with FTX, especially considering the market cap difference between the 2 projects.


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