Proposal: Rewrite of the Seraph mobile application in React Native

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    A few months ago, we developed an application called Seraph (📱 allowing all Switcheo holders to follow various information about Switcheo and its ecosystem (price, market cap, block time, staking APR, bonded tokens, ...etc) as well as the progress of their staking (wallet, delegations and rewards tracking).

    Legacy version of the Seraph app

    The purpose of this proposal is to fund the total rewrite of the application, making possible to build it on a much more solid underlying technology for the future updates and make it available to all iOS users.


    We are Seraph Staking 👓🐇 a Switcheo Tradehub validator since #2638197 (🌐
    My pseudonym within the community is Orilaz and I have been involved in the project since 2017 where I firstly contributed to the ecosystem with Switcheo.Net (👨‍💻, a library that was downloaded more than 2.7k times as of today.

    The Seraph app launched few months ago on the Play Store and now has over 100 regular weekly users. We regularly receive many requests for an iOS version and new features. Unfortunately, after a brilliant launch, we quickly realized that NativeScript, the current underlying technology of the application, was not as cross-platform as it claimed. Its documentation has not been updated for almost two years, many breaking changes in the API are not documented yet and many community packages are not backwards compatible with the new releases... because of this implementing new features in the application quickly turns out to be tinkering.

    As announced in the summary, this proposal will allow us to completely rewrite the Seraph application in a stable and proven technology in the mobile app world called React Native. Thanks to this new technology, we will be able to meet the expectations of the community. We will also use the Expo framework/platform, in addition, for his universal capabilities.

    All bug fixes as well as the addition of minor features will be mainly supported by us while staying opened to all of developers of the open-source community. Each new version including major features will be subject to a new funding round (depending on the amount of work to be done).

    The entire project will be open-sourced and published on Mai Te Pora's Github.

    Risks and Benefits
    Apart from the risk of non-delivery of the app, we do not see any risk in this proposal. We also think that we have contributed to enough projects for Switcheo for this risk to be avoided.

    We strongly believe (based on the first feedback we have had) that this application brings real convenience to all Switcheo stakeholders and also increases the visibility (and credibility) of the project on mobile devices.

    Usage statistics


    The first version of the application (NativeScript) was fully developed for free.

    Details of costs related to this proposal:

    • 23k SWTH for the UI/UX design and integration work.
    • 55k SWTH for the app development work.
    • 02k SWTH for the iOS deployment cost.
      (We have already covered the Play Store deployment costs with the launch of the first version of the app)

    We are committed to deliver this new React Native version on Android and iOS one month after the approval of this proposal.

    Distribution schedule

    Upon approval of this proposal, 80k SWTH will be distributed directly to intsoL as escrow.

    • 80k SWTH sent to Orilaz for UI/UX design and integration, app development work and iOS deployment cost.
      Released after verification by Escrow + 1 competent developer to validate deliverable + 3 Android beta tester + 3 iOS beta tester.

    Escrow@intsol (Intsol Community Staking)
    Android@jay (SwitcheOG Secure Staking), @Aymeric (Born2Stake), @luanspena (Degen Power), @intsol (Intsol Community Staking)
    iOS@acidbird (Degen Power), @chikanakan, @Vincent (NEO Economy), @intsol (Intsol Community Staking)

    Do not hesitate to send us any feedback or comments ✍ 📣

  • Excellent proposal, support it!

  • I've just added names behind each role on the original post.

  • Do move forward with an on-chain text proposal. Would be great to have a future roadmap (without calculating the funding for it atm) - especially on whether on-chain actions like trading will be supported.

  • Thanks for your feedback @ravenxce !

    We planned once the proposal was passed to use Hellonext to allow everyone to follow the progress of the developments and send us direct feedback or suggestions. We will also take the opportunity to add our medium and long term plans such as on-chain wallet capabilities, governance interactions and trading.

    We are awaiting the end of the vote on proposal #32 and we will submit our own.

  • Hi guys, I would like to support the project. I have been in IT for many years and have developed many products. I am not a programmer, but I have very good knowledge in product design and project management. I could also take care of the functional requirements and roadmap for example. If there is a need just write me. I would be happy to be part of the further development.

  • Thanks for your proposition @Schrotti77.

    Currently there is no such need, but if this need arises in the future, we will contact you with pleasure!

  • Hello everyone 👋,

    As planned, we provide the community with various tools in order to track and actively participate in the development of the application:

    ✍ Feedback platform:
    👀 Tracking platform:

    This proposal being focused on the rewrite of the application in React Native, this is what we are currently working on but nothing prevents you from starting to propose new features or improvements.

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