Phantasma - $SOUL listing (SOUL/ETH)

  • Summary

    This proposal seeks to bring Phantasma ($SOUL) on Demex.

    Phantasma is a custom built blockchain and ecosystem focused on enabling gamers, artists and grandmas alike to take advantage of the immense disruptive power that blockchain technology offers.

    Phantasma is the backbone of the NFT project Which currently supports the ability to purchase NFTs using $SWTH I also believe $SOUL was on the old Switcheo Exchange, so I feel like its a given to add it back again.


    I know we want to list quality projects on Demex. Phantasma is a quality project that has history with Switcheo. I know some $SWTH holders/stakers also hold $SOUL and some are even developers for the Phantasma Ghostmarket project.

    I propose to list an SOUL/ETH pair on Demex. It seems like the most logical and maybe even the only one available at this time.

    Obviously this is the beginning of the discussion. If anyone has any opinions and critiques on why its a good/bad idea please join in.

    I also understand at this time there may be some bugs on adding tokens to Demex but this is simply to get the ball rolling on the idea.

    Risks and Benefits

    With the up and coming NFT market I think Demex could be another outlet for people wanting to on board into the scene.

    The only risk at the moment are the ETH gas fee's and where will we get the liquidity.


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  • I am on board with this listing. Would we support both tokens? Soul has an ERC-20 and a NEP-5

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