[TIP-13] V1.17.0 Software Upgrade Proposal

  • The v1.17.0 software upgrade for Switcheo TradeHub contains the following changes:


    • Add Zilliqa Chain ID
    • Add LP token commitment module account and profile
    • Change how MarkPriceBand works - instead of restricting the mark price to a band around EMA30(MarkPriceAvg), it now restricts the mark price to a band around IndexPrice
    • Add SyncToken msg to allow syncing of tokens created through gov process
    • Allow . to be used in token denoms
    • Reduce length of token hash suffix to 4 from 16
    • Change token hash separator from - to .

    API Node Changes

    • Add order ID filter for getTrades
    • Allow configuring a password for off-chain database

    Bug Fixes

    • Fix export / init of genesis states for Stargate migration
    • Fix markets lookup by display name
    • Properly remove empty LP token commitments to avoid having to unstake 0 LP tokens

    V1.17.0 Binary Checksum: sha256:a0ee9dd529ba223e6afcf9f241f3b749ad38df371f6b0bc0bf06c13501e9c49d
    V1.17.0 Binary Download: Link

  • great progress, awesome proposal. Good job team

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