Proposal: Elixir client for Tradehub

  • Summary

    • This project aims to viral the Tradehub blockchain into the world of Elixir/Erlang developers community, who are building games, trading bots, or signals alert by providing a tool that can be easy to interact with the Tradehub blockchain.

    • Also, inspiring of the book Create a cryptocurrency trading bot in Elixir, that has been showing the best guide ever to create a crypto bot for Binance from scratch, using Elixir with its powerful technologies.


    • anhmv - the creator of the project.
    Key objectives and value to Switcheo Tradehub and its stakeholders.
    • Providing features that compatible with the work of the Python wrapper API and the Node wrapper API.
    • Elixir/Erlang developers can interact with the Tradehub blockchain without any additional steps.
    Share how you plan to carry out your project
    • Development can be followed on the Github project page.
    • Any requests please create issues on the Github issues page.
    Elaborate on the long-term plans for your project and how it will be maintained after launch
    • The project owner commits to manage the package 2 years after the launch.
    • After 2 years of maintenance, depends on the demand of the usage, the owner will decide to continue to maintain or not.
    • Maintenance or feature requests can be accomplished by creating issues, and pull requests.
    • Anyone is welcome to contribute.

    Risks and Benefits

    Discuss the potential drawbacks of your project and any mitigations
    • Dependencies are using on the project may contain a trojan/backdoor to steal your private keys.
      It is no different from the risks involved with Javascript and Python projects but should be noted.

    • Since the project is hosted by Github, it has an assistant bot to inform the owner which dependencies are safe to use and keep them up-to-date.

    Discuss any auxiliary benefits that may arise from implementing the project

    Elixir/Erlang and its powerful concurrency technology OTP(Open Telecom Platform) exists over decades and has many
    successful projects like games, message brokers, banking, or projects that need low-latency and fault-tolerance.

    I believe this project will viral the Tradehub blockchain to Elixir developers, as well as added liquidity to DEMEX pairs.

    Also, this is the first step of integrating the DEMEX into a trading platform, such as Tai

    Project Roadmap and Key Deliverables

    • Deliverable 1 (End of May): Finalize coding the package
      The target of this deliverable is to allow developers to connect to public, private, and WebSocket endpoints.

    • Deliverable 2 (End of June): Automate unit testing and bugs fixing
      This deliverable ensures that the package runs smoothly without coding mistakes.

    • Deliverable 3 (Mid July): House cleaning and documentation
      The final deliverable makes sure the dependencies are safe to use, gets rid of unused dependencies and unnecessary code. Finalize documentation.

    • Other
      This section does not a deliverable, it is a plan to viral the package to the developers' community by writing step-by-step guidelines/series, it helps to attract people.


    Total budget required for the project: 150000 SWTH

    Budget breakdown:
    • Deliverable 1: 50%
    • Deliverable 2: 30%
    • Deliverable 3: 20%
    Switcheo Tradehub Wallet Address

    The same as other proposals, this would be a validator that can act as escrow to help split funds until a multi-sig wallet is available.

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