Creating swth_usdt market

  • As Usdt (erc20) is a stable coin which has 10-20 times daily more volume than USDC and BUSD, we should create first a swth_usdt market for Usdt Traders around the world to get onboard on demex

    you can check the volume
    of all stable coins here Volume stable coins

    I know that usdt erc20 transfers are very expensive
    however Usdt has highest volume and eth/usdt is a market with billions of volume
    despite the high fees of eth usdt, people are still using it, we offer for out conscious traders bsc and busd transfers, but to get all uniswap traders we should offer some usdt pairs as well. later we should also add Eth_usdt pair and pool, some big institutions hold and trade only eth and usdt, demex can attract also their money. usdt with its high volume should also be a part of demex besides busd and usdc

    here is the link to the correct proposal to add swth_usdt to demex. I can imagine that there are investors who will buy switcheo only with usdt and they dont want to buy busd from binance, some us investors arent allowed to buy busd on binance and most of them are not using USDC, they use USDT. I believe that we will attract Uniswap and institutional money with USDT
    lets start with adding Swth_usdt market and later pool.

    click here for proposal proposal

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