Fantom (FTM) DeFi Connection

  • Has anyone from Switcheo or the foundation been in contact with Fantom? The Fantom team is set to release their DeFi toolkit/information this quarter... There could be an opportunity there to connect, share ideas, or work together.

    Just asking the question.

  • We haven't spoken with Fantom about any projects to my knowledge but I can mention them to our developers.

  • Sounds good, thanks. Fantom hasnt released too many details yet, so I'm not sure what all they could offer but I though it at least warranted a conversation.

  • Interesting. I think Switcheo will need several arms to communicate with the various blockchains teams that are entering Defi. As far as I know Cardano, Fantom, NEO and Zilliqa have already positioned themselves to enter the Defi space. Switcheo will need a large capacity to absorb this demand.

    Projects that need high confidence in code security, such as financial projects (Defi) should choose safer and more efficient blockchains, so I would keep my eyes wide open for Cardano and Tezos, as both use programming language programming language functional, which will be ideal for projects with little tolerance for bugs or hacks.

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