[TIP-19] V2.0.0 Stargate Ugprade

  • Summary

    Carbon is ready to be upgraded to Cosmos SDK v0.44.4 (Stargate). This proposal will contain the appropriate upgrade height (targeted at 11th Jan 2021, 1PM SGT). Voting yes for this proposal signals that validators should perform the manual upgrade at this time.


    This upgrade is a breaking upgrade, as the state structure for the entire chain has been upgraded from Amino to Protobuf. This requires the chain to be restarted from genesis. In order to preserve cross-chain interoperability, the block height will start from +1 of the last height on the current chain. PolyNetwork bridge and relayers have also been upgraded in advance to support the new Tendermint Core version (v34).

    At the proposal block height 21164241, the chain will halt. Because no new binary will be supplied to the upgrade proposal, the chain will not progress.

    Validators will perform a manual upgrade by exporting the last state of the chain into a new genesis file. Once 66% of validators have migrated this genesis file into the new carbond (v2.0.0) node, the chain will resume with no data loss.

    Full technical instructions can be found here: https://github.com/Switcheo/carbon-bootstrap/blob/master/STARGATE.md


    Stargate will unlock multiple features for the Carbon blockchain. The details are described in the following blog posts:


    As this is a major upgrade, there may be some engineering oversight that has not been caught. However, extensive testing has been done to minimize the possibility of it happening. Cross-chain modules have been vetted to avoid regressions from being introduced.



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